Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Is it over yet??

So I should be doing more cleaning, but here I am writing this instead! I am sooooooo ready to not be pregnant anymore!! Just three weeks till due date. Baby has definately dropped, he is hanging out low! When I work and I have a very busy labor pt. it is almost unbearable. He is so low that when I move often or quick he ends up positioning on nerves and I get twinges down my legs that hurt so bad, and I end up contracting a bunch until I am able to rest!! I almost lost my balance on Monday night running down the hall as my pt's baby wasn't behaving on the monitor.  The other workers are so good at helping me out, it is soooooo nice!
I go to the doctor's tomorrow. Maybe he'll check my cervix. I like to know where I am starting from!! These last few weeks are so nerve recking. I am trying to get ready, but I don't really want to do anything. I am also nervous about Josh getting back up here from Seattle to make the delivery. Being as this is baby # 3, it could move faster. We don't have a name yet, but I think we have a few to pick from. We do have his middle name. That has been picked out for a long time. I am pretty sure he won't have an official name until he is born. Josh is determined to be the offical name picker and shows me names and then I tell him the one's I like. I actually don't have a name that I am feeling is THE name. I knew as soon as I found out Jack was a boy that his name was Jack no matter what anyone said!! So you'll all be surprised like me!!

I have my baby shower this weekend and am super excited about that!! It has motivated me to clean my house, which needed to be done anyway!! I have cleaned my room and the upper bathrooms so far and now I am blogging. I promise I will finish today!

I am going to get a spray tan on Friday......I am a little nervous. I wanted to try it because I look dreadful in my bridesmaid dress- very pale and very veiny (yikes!).  I am hoping it goes well. I am going to the place I used to tan at in Highschool and they do it by hand. I talked to the owner about it for a long time today and feel it should be okay!! I hope it goes well. I look so ill without a little color and am trying to avoid the tanning beds and too much sun.......I love the sun!! I'll let you all know how I look!

Well I better get back to cleaning as as Jack will be awake soon and Tatum will be getting home from school.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

36 weeks

I absolutely can't believe I am already 36 weeks pregnant! Where does the time go. I am soooooo ready to be finished with being pregnant, but can't image what life is going to be like with another baby!! I saw my doctor today and we did the GBS swab, fingers crossed for negative. I do not want to be on antibiotics. I plan to labor at home as much as possible.

We also did an ultrasound to see how big my little man is. He is approximately 5lbs 9oz right now. That is just about what the other two were at their 36 week ultrasound. Hopefully that means another 7lb baby!! We were able to see him breathing- soooooo amazing. He was also rooting and suckling on his fist. I have a picture, but this thing isn't letting me upload it- so you have to see it on facebook!!

The doctor says I can safely deliver at any time now, that they wouldn't stop my labor if I started. I am okay with waiting two more weeks though, 36 and 37 weekers don't always do so well with respiratory function or latch on well with breastfeeding. Oh, and he is face up right now- lets just say this usually makes for harder deliveries, so he better rotate!!

Well I guess that is all for now. I'll let you know if I go into labor!! I can't wait to meet my new son!!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Big pottying boy!!

I have been a little nervous about how to potty train a boy and when to do it. Tatum was so easy and potty trained by 2 years during the day just needing a pull up at night. Since I heard boys are much harder to potty train I decided to introduce the potty pretty early.We have two potty chairs that Jack used sporatically for awhile and then showed no interest. So one night Josh got him on the "big" potty and gave him a treat or "bite" as Jack calls it! Well this got the little man pottying all the time. For a few days we would just ask him and take him as he allowed and gave him a treat! You gotta love positive reinforcement!! Now Jack asks us or better yet tells us "potty" and runs into the bathroom!! He will rarely use the potty chairs I bought and likes to sit on the big potty. He is mostly in his big boy underwear when at home and doing great!! I really wanted him well introduce to pottying before his little brother comes. I know that his arrival is going to be hard on both the kids. I have no great expectations of him being fully potty trained, but am super proud of how well he is doing and how much he wants his "bite", which reminds me that we need to go to the store soon to get more "bites"!!

Here are some cute pictures of Jack in his big boy underwear- I still want to call them panties like I did with Tatum! Having boys is soooooooo different!

Sporting his handy manny underwear
Elmo of course
Helping Daddy put new locks on the door so a certain little boy can't get into everything anymore!!
A funny face while saying "cheese" for the camera!!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Happy Birthday to Meeeeeeeeeeee!!

Normally I wouldn't write about myself, but my day proved to an interesting one. First I want to say that it is crazy to be able to say I am 30 years old. Holy crap!! I am an old lady!! Okay now to my Birthday story!! I was woken up at 7am by my lovely little man banging on his door to get out of his room. He tends to sleep less now that he sleeps in a big boy bed at nighttime!! We all lounged around for a bit and then Josh made a yummy breakfast and cleaned up!! Seriously that was enough of a present for me, someone else doing the dishes!!

After I was finally ready for the day  I went with my special girl to have  a manicure and pedicure!! I love these moments with Tatum. She is sooooooo cute to watch as she gets her nails done. I am going to cherish these moments as I know soon down the road I am going to be replaced by her friends- I will be devastated when this happens. That afternoon the kids went to spend the night at their Yaya's and Yayo's house and Josh snuck a haircut in special for his interview on Wed.

Off we headed to Westlake mall and dinner at the Cheesecake factory and a movie. Well that was our plan anyway! So we went looking for new shoes for Josh to go with his suit for Wednesday!! During this time I had started having contractions. Well lets just say I have been having them on and off- very normal. As we were walking to the Cheesecake factory I started to get really crampy and have lower back pain and continued to contract. We went to Starbucks so I could sit down and drink some water to see if they would pass. Unfortunately they did not and I felt it was better to go home so I could lay down and really hydrate to see if the contractions would pass. Normally I wouldn't have worried about the contractions, but they were constant and I was continuing to have lower back pain and low abdomen cramping with the contractions. They were coming every 2.5 - 6 min they entire way home.

We ended up just picking up something to eat and watched a movie as I lay on the couch drinking, drinking, drinking!! Within two hours the pain and contractions started to spread out and fade completely, but I think I ruined Josh's plans!! I'm just glad I really wasn't going into labor. He needs to grow at least 4 more weeks before I want him to make his grand entrance!! At least 37 weeks little man!

Ooooohhhhhh!! I forgot to tell  you about my present!! So Josh has been harrassing me forever about what I wanted for my 30th Birthday!! I kept telling him I wanted to not be pregnant, have "my" body back and be on a beach with him and drinks in hand!! Not gonna happen this year!! So he and Tatum had gone shopping last weekend for my present!! I opened it up to find a new coach purse  in a light lilac color- not a color I would pick, I always go with black (because it is safe of course), but it was super cute!! I thought that was the gift. Nope he told me to open up the rest of my gift. So I opened up the purse and found a wallet!! That's not all folks!! So at this point he tells me the purse and wallet are a joke gift! What?! Who buys someone a coach purse as a joke?? Anyway I find a bag from the Shane co.  Inside is a small box wrapped up with a bow. Inside the pretty little box was a new pair of diamond earrings!! They are huge on my tiny little ears and much bigger than my other pair and soooooo sparkly!!! I couldn't believe it!! Not only did I get a new spring coach purse, but a huge pair of diamond earrings from the Shane co. Seriously teared up at my gift and my sweet card!! No fair doing such things to a hormonal/emotional pregnant woman! I am truely spoiled!!

I have the sweetest husband on the earth and I know that if I wasn't pregnant he would have made my vacation dream happen!! He made my day super special despite our maybe scare and I wouldn't have wanted to be with anyone other than him. I am truely blessed to have him in my life.

There is my Birthday story and now back to the real world and washing baby clothes and bedding!!

Friday, January 22, 2010

Big News Folks........


Monday, January 18, 2010

Ice Skating Adventure

Since Tatum and Josh both had today off we decided to have a family day! Josh wanted to go up to the mountains and do some tubing with Tatum, but it was warm and raining so we chose ice skating instead. I was the only one who had been before and wasn't so sure how much I should even be on the ice being 8 months pregnant! Tatum was nervous at first, but then started to love it and venture out to the middle of the ice. She fell a lot!! She says her knees and bottom are sore from falling!! Josh did great and after a little while we finally got Jack to put on his ice skates and try it a little bit. He was smiling so we think he liked it!! The outing was fun except for some teenage boy who almost knocked me completely over and I ran into the wall and now have a sore wrist. We will definately be doing more ice skating, we had a great time! After ice skating we went to Applebees for lunch and then home for nap. It was a great day!!

Here are some photos we got:

Monday, January 11, 2010

What we did capture on Christmas.....

I know that I say this a lot, but I am seriously the worst picture taker ever!! I do have the best intentions of gathering a ton of pictures at all events and almost always have my camera, but get busy chasing my busy boy and the pictures never get taken. We did get a few, but I never got one of Tatum and Jack dressed up on either Christmas day or Christmas eve. I didn't even get one of either of them on Christmas day all dressed up. I am pretty bummed about that and am really thinking of dressing them up just to get the
 shot, I probably won't though!

Christmas was a busy whirlwind of craziness!! On Christmas eve, I had tons of cleaning and baking to finish with Tatum and some grocery shopping to do to prepare for Christmas eve dinner. Josh was working and didn't get home until close to 2pm. In the mist of all this we had a visit from my Dad that we squeezed in!! Josh cooked dinner and it was delicious!! Jack was running around trying to eat all the goodies and snacks that were everywhere!! He snuck a lot of fudge....I didn't catch him everytime so who knows how much he ate! He is soooooo fast and busy!!

Christmas morning was just as overwhelming as Christmas eve. Too much going on and too many presents to unwrap. Tatum likes to unwrap everything then look at it later and Jack seemed to want to play with the toy after he opened it and didn't care about the other presents. Total craziness!! I don't know what next year will bring with three little ones!!

I ended up getting the night off from work, which was nice because I don't think Josh could have handled Jack by himself at his Aunts house. The very large Fast family gathering was at Josh's Aunts house, who doesn't have little ones and even though I brought toys, Jack just ran around the whole time. Of course we followed him all night, scared he make break or ruin something. It didn't start till 6pm, which I think was a little hard on the littler kids. I have to say after two very busy days of non-stop going I was glad to have a day to lounge around and do absolutely NOTHING!!!

Now as Jack gets older he is becoming very stubborn and very, very busy all the time. There is never a dull moment in my house! I am hoping (fingers crossed) that having two boys will be a great thing and they will love each other to pieces and play well together!! Josh was gone this past weekend and when he got home Jack was saying all kinds of things he wasn't before!! Josh was very surprised. The two best things were that he learned to say please regularly. Now he knew how to say it before, but just didn't even with prompting, then Tatum had a ball he wanted and she wouldn't give it up so I told him to say please and he chased her crying "pease, pease, pease!" So she finally gave it to him and he graciously states "Tank you". And now we have consistant "pease" and "tank you". The best thing he learned was " I wuv you daddy". Josh called to say he was almost home and I promted Jack to say this into the phone and he did!! Nothing better to come home to than your 21month old telling you he loves you!! I can't post a video on here of him saying it, but did put in on facebook if you want to hear it!!

Well I think this post is long enough. I will try and be a better parent and take more pictures. Try and enjoy what I have posted.....they aren't in a good order either....oh, welll! Until next time!

Jack playing with his new vaccum

Tatum unwrapping presents

Jack and Yaya before bedtime on Christmas eve, sporting his new pj's

Jack on Christmas eve....stealing snacks. I think that is all he did on Christmas and Christmas eve! :)

Tatum on Christmas eve....waiting for her guests to arrive

Tatum and her new pajamas

Jack and his new Elmo Christmas pajamas

Opening up their pajamas the Reindeer left them.

Tatum setting out carrots on Christmas eve, eve so that the Reindeer bring her and Jack new pajamas to wear on Christmas eve. It is the last tradition my mom made before she passed away.

Pretty Tatum girl getting Samson some fresh water!


Tatum's present that she made for everyo