Sunday, January 24, 2010

Happy Birthday to Meeeeeeeeeeee!!

Normally I wouldn't write about myself, but my day proved to an interesting one. First I want to say that it is crazy to be able to say I am 30 years old. Holy crap!! I am an old lady!! Okay now to my Birthday story!! I was woken up at 7am by my lovely little man banging on his door to get out of his room. He tends to sleep less now that he sleeps in a big boy bed at nighttime!! We all lounged around for a bit and then Josh made a yummy breakfast and cleaned up!! Seriously that was enough of a present for me, someone else doing the dishes!!

After I was finally ready for the day  I went with my special girl to have  a manicure and pedicure!! I love these moments with Tatum. She is sooooooo cute to watch as she gets her nails done. I am going to cherish these moments as I know soon down the road I am going to be replaced by her friends- I will be devastated when this happens. That afternoon the kids went to spend the night at their Yaya's and Yayo's house and Josh snuck a haircut in special for his interview on Wed.

Off we headed to Westlake mall and dinner at the Cheesecake factory and a movie. Well that was our plan anyway! So we went looking for new shoes for Josh to go with his suit for Wednesday!! During this time I had started having contractions. Well lets just say I have been having them on and off- very normal. As we were walking to the Cheesecake factory I started to get really crampy and have lower back pain and continued to contract. We went to Starbucks so I could sit down and drink some water to see if they would pass. Unfortunately they did not and I felt it was better to go home so I could lay down and really hydrate to see if the contractions would pass. Normally I wouldn't have worried about the contractions, but they were constant and I was continuing to have lower back pain and low abdomen cramping with the contractions. They were coming every 2.5 - 6 min they entire way home.

We ended up just picking up something to eat and watched a movie as I lay on the couch drinking, drinking, drinking!! Within two hours the pain and contractions started to spread out and fade completely, but I think I ruined Josh's plans!! I'm just glad I really wasn't going into labor. He needs to grow at least 4 more weeks before I want him to make his grand entrance!! At least 37 weeks little man!

Ooooohhhhhh!! I forgot to tell  you about my present!! So Josh has been harrassing me forever about what I wanted for my 30th Birthday!! I kept telling him I wanted to not be pregnant, have "my" body back and be on a beach with him and drinks in hand!! Not gonna happen this year!! So he and Tatum had gone shopping last weekend for my present!! I opened it up to find a new coach purse  in a light lilac color- not a color I would pick, I always go with black (because it is safe of course), but it was super cute!! I thought that was the gift. Nope he told me to open up the rest of my gift. So I opened up the purse and found a wallet!! That's not all folks!! So at this point he tells me the purse and wallet are a joke gift! What?! Who buys someone a coach purse as a joke?? Anyway I find a bag from the Shane co.  Inside is a small box wrapped up with a bow. Inside the pretty little box was a new pair of diamond earrings!! They are huge on my tiny little ears and much bigger than my other pair and soooooo sparkly!!! I couldn't believe it!! Not only did I get a new spring coach purse, but a huge pair of diamond earrings from the Shane co. Seriously teared up at my gift and my sweet card!! No fair doing such things to a hormonal/emotional pregnant woman! I am truely spoiled!!

I have the sweetest husband on the earth and I know that if I wasn't pregnant he would have made my vacation dream happen!! He made my day super special despite our maybe scare and I wouldn't have wanted to be with anyone other than him. I am truely blessed to have him in my life.

There is my Birthday story and now back to the real world and washing baby clothes and bedding!!

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