Friday, December 18, 2009

Christmas here we come!!! Whooo hooo!!!

I cannot believe that Christmas is a week from today. Where in the heck did the time go?? I have to say I am a really bad blogger and really am not sure how much longer I can keep trying to update this thing, especially when our newest addition gets here.  I cannot believe I am 28 weeks pregnant already! What the heck!! I am happy to say I passed my glucola screen, but am anemic- I have been the whole pregnancy, but now I get the pleasure of taking 2 iron tabs a day! YUCK!! It isn't taking the iron per say, it is the way it makes me feel. I absolutely can't take any pills without food in my stomach or I get soooooo nauseated that I honestly have to lay down for at least a 1/2 hour. Iron tabs are suppose to be taken with orange juice or vitamin C (orange juice is the better choice) and within 2 hours of eating a meal (before or after). I don't like orange juice and must have food in my stomach or the pill isn't going to stay there. So I cheat, at least I am taking the dang things and the slow release, which are suppose to be nicer on the digestive system. It could be worse I could have to have iron infusions!!

Although I am not ready for the new baby, I am ready for Christmas!! I only have three presents to wrap, which I will do when I am done with this as long as Jack keeps sleeping!! Tatum wanted to make presents for everyone and we found a cute project to do, but ended up with lots of gluing with a hot glue gun that she couldn't do. We will have to find something with less gluing next year. I got the pleasure of wrapping 9 presents just from Tatum to all her family members and teacher!! There just was no way to do it with her when Jack is around. He gets into everything!! We are doing Christmas Eve dinner at our house and I am getting excited about the table decorations and all the goodies Tatum and I are going to make. No cookies this year Santa!! Josh is going to cook the dinner and has been looking up different vegi dishes and what not!! I think it is going to be great!!

Speaking of my cute hubby he has had some exciting news this month!! If you haven't heard Josh landed an awesome job at the University of Washington!! He is working in a lab that sets up simulations for the medical students and does lots of other things too!! His boss is an anesthesiologist and he just loves him and his job. It is such a great opportunity for Josh and it is so awesome to hear excitment in his voice when he tells me what he is doing at work!! I think he is thinking a lot more about anesthesiology as a career choice, but we will see!! The hours are rough though! He has to leave just a little after 7am to catch the bus the University and then doesn't get home till a little after 6pm. Needless to say the days we both work we do not see each other and try to chat on the phone, but it ends up only being a few minutes here and there. At least I only work the three days a week!! And it is worth a small sacrifice for him to be so happy and having a job where his interest are. I know it was hard for him not having a job after he graduated. Good things do come to those who wait!!

The kids are doing good! Tatum likes 2nd grade. We got her report card and she wanted to know how she scored in reading!! She got her name on the wall in the hallway at school for being an AR reader!! You know a girl loves to read when books are one of the four things she asks for as a Christmas present! She is doing really well, except that she likes to chit chat during class. When I ask her why she talks during class she always innocently tells me " I have a lot to say mom." Hmmm......She does seem to talk non-stop, maybe she is right!! I took her into Claires store the other day, don't ask me why I haven't done it sooner, and she loved looking at all the jewelery and hair accessories!! That's where I am headed with her I guess. No more play stuff, my girl wants some nice jewery! Ah, a girl of my own heart!! Jack is growing like a weed and talking more and more. His grandma and grandpa watched him while I drank my nasty suff for my glucola screen and were amazed at how clearly some of his words are. Apparently he found their stash of apples and kept saying "apple, apple!" He sneaks them out of our fruit drawer when I gathering things from the fridge and immediately bites into it and runs!! He has also made his first sentence "Tank you Daddy". Always says more for Daddy, but I am as he says "my mamma", it melts my heart folks!! I must admit I was terrified to have a boy, just because I had never been around little boys much as I am one of four girls! I love, love, love having my boy and am sooooooo excited to be having another boy. I already call them 'my boys'. I of course wouldn't mind another girl either, but am happy things worked out this way. I must say that I will not be able to handle any more than three kids. I still don't know how I am going to do it!! Even if I didn't work, they just keep you so busy and then there is all the house maintenece. I don't know about all you other moms out there, but it seems that the kids, house and everything else always come before you!! It had been 3 1/2 months since I had my hair done!! That is craziness to me. I do so few things for myself and was shocked that the one thing I cherish the most I had gone without for such a long time! And shopping for myself....hahahahaha almost non-existant!! I really need to work on some me time!! I am hoping and keeping my fingers crossed now that Josh has a job that I am able to take my full 12 weeks off for maternity leave!! I plan on working up to my due date and saving all my time to be at home with the baby. I am in the right place if anything happens!!

I think I am rambling on now, so I am going to go. There are some pictures, I tried to get them in some sort of order, but it took me three times coming on here to even finish this post! Enjoy all and have a fantastic Christmas!!!


The gingerbread house Tatum and Josh made. I feel they are made to look at and the rest of the family feels they are made to eat the candy off of all December. Needless to say it now has at least half it's candy eaten off of it and Jack goes over to our dining room table and reaches saying "bite, bite"

My little man looking innocent....I know better!!

Tatum making antlers with the excess tree branches

Jack after eating a scotcheroo! I must post the video where Josh keeps asking if he'll share and he vehemently says "NO!!" over and over again!!

Jack riding his Elmo airplane scooter with his Elmo slippers!! We do love us some Elmo in this house!

Jack warmed up to Great Grandpa enough to let him read him a story!!

Me with my girl. The sparkles on her shirt make my face look luminescent.

Jack playing the piano

Knocking over blocks with Gary

I don't know why she always wants to give a funny face.....

So I got my hair done, eyebrows waxed and my hairdresser did my makeup just for fun!! Tatum said I looked different and I believe Josh said I looked funny. He kept looking at me, I think it was the fact that I had lots of makeup on, which rarely happens. I am still not sure if either thought it looked good or not.

I love that Tatum and I are happy and Jack is trying to escape and looks tortured!

When I look at this picture I see myself in my little man!! Most of the time I see sooooo much of Josh in both the kids- personality and looks!!

My beautiful growing family!! I can't believe we will have another addition in just three months!!

Our Christmas tree

Tatum fixing ornaments that Jack keeps taking off

Tatum posing! Notice the popcorn and cranberry string on the tree, Tatum and Josh made a small string together this year. The next day I was making dinner and heard Jack go "Mmmmm, num num." I went to see what was going on and found him eating the popcorn off the string. He so innocently looked at me and said "num, num mamma. Mmmmmm. " How can you do anything, but laugh at that!!

Tatum tired of pictures

Jack being Jack

Jack stole Samson's Christmas collar and put it around his own neck. It is fun with it's jingling bells!

Playing with Daddy

We actually got some lights up on the house. Tatum, Josh and myself all worked together during Jack's naptime to get it done. We really need more stuff, but it is so expensive and I would always rather buy more presents for the kids and my nieces and nephews!!

Cuddling together

Jack in his "Buuuu" buzzlightyear pajamas. He watched Toy Story once and now is in love with buzz.  So now he has two favorites: buzz and elmo.

It really doesn't get any better than this folks!!

My lovelies. I love the look Jack is giving Tatum. He just adores her!

Samson all groomed and ready for the holidays!

Monday, November 2, 2009


I can't believe that October is already over! Time goes by soooooo fast! We have been busy organizing our house and Josh has done an amazing job putting up shelving and getting our garage all organized!! It is almost looking like a garage now! We have been going through all our baby things and seeing what we need, don't need or want to replace. We liked our car seat, but it was so awkward to carry and heavy- we mostly got it because the stroller we picked was soooo nice to push and sooooo lightweight. So we are selling ours and getting a new one. Josh hated our booster seat that could be used for infants, so I caved and we'll be getting regular highchair for this little one.
The hardest thing for me has been deciding how to decorate the room since the boys will have to share until we are able to get a larger house. After endlessly looking online at different toddler sets and infant sets of bedding I finally decided on a Dr. Suess set from pottery barn kids that we just picked up since they have put it on clearance! It will be able to match the Elmo toddler set I will purchase for Jack. Just to let you all know Jack is slightly obsessed with Elmo, I am not sure how this happened, but he love, love, loves Elmo!!! I have some ideas of how I am going to arrange the room to make the boys spaces separate, yet go well together. As soon as I get the room all done I will post pictures!!
Halloween was super fun!! We finally made it to a pumpkin patch! It seemed every time we actually planned to go, it would be pouring down rain. We did a quick trip just to get the pumpkins, but I think the kids enjoyed it!! We some how ran out of time to carve the pumpkins and ended up carving them on Halloween afternoon right before we left for our fun night!! It was the fastest pumpkin carving session! Jack loved every minute of it! We rushed to get the kids dressed, my star wars kiddos. Tatum was princess Padame and Jack was Yoda! We went to trunk or treat at New Life Center in Everett. It was a lot of fun!! Tatum was excited about the 80 trunks to get candy from and Jack just loved the lights and people!!
Here are some pictures!! Enjoy!!