Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Big pottying boy!!

I have been a little nervous about how to potty train a boy and when to do it. Tatum was so easy and potty trained by 2 years during the day just needing a pull up at night. Since I heard boys are much harder to potty train I decided to introduce the potty pretty early.We have two potty chairs that Jack used sporatically for awhile and then showed no interest. So one night Josh got him on the "big" potty and gave him a treat or "bite" as Jack calls it! Well this got the little man pottying all the time. For a few days we would just ask him and take him as he allowed and gave him a treat! You gotta love positive reinforcement!! Now Jack asks us or better yet tells us "potty" and runs into the bathroom!! He will rarely use the potty chairs I bought and likes to sit on the big potty. He is mostly in his big boy underwear when at home and doing great!! I really wanted him well introduce to pottying before his little brother comes. I know that his arrival is going to be hard on both the kids. I have no great expectations of him being fully potty trained, but am super proud of how well he is doing and how much he wants his "bite", which reminds me that we need to go to the store soon to get more "bites"!!

Here are some cute pictures of Jack in his big boy underwear- I still want to call them panties like I did with Tatum! Having boys is soooooooo different!

Sporting his handy manny underwear
Elmo of course
Helping Daddy put new locks on the door so a certain little boy can't get into everything anymore!!
A funny face while saying "cheese" for the camera!!

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