Thursday, February 11, 2010

36 weeks

I absolutely can't believe I am already 36 weeks pregnant! Where does the time go. I am soooooo ready to be finished with being pregnant, but can't image what life is going to be like with another baby!! I saw my doctor today and we did the GBS swab, fingers crossed for negative. I do not want to be on antibiotics. I plan to labor at home as much as possible.

We also did an ultrasound to see how big my little man is. He is approximately 5lbs 9oz right now. That is just about what the other two were at their 36 week ultrasound. Hopefully that means another 7lb baby!! We were able to see him breathing- soooooo amazing. He was also rooting and suckling on his fist. I have a picture, but this thing isn't letting me upload it- so you have to see it on facebook!!

The doctor says I can safely deliver at any time now, that they wouldn't stop my labor if I started. I am okay with waiting two more weeks though, 36 and 37 weekers don't always do so well with respiratory function or latch on well with breastfeeding. Oh, and he is face up right now- lets just say this usually makes for harder deliveries, so he better rotate!!

Well I guess that is all for now. I'll let you know if I go into labor!! I can't wait to meet my new son!!

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