Monday, January 11, 2010

What we did capture on Christmas.....

I know that I say this a lot, but I am seriously the worst picture taker ever!! I do have the best intentions of gathering a ton of pictures at all events and almost always have my camera, but get busy chasing my busy boy and the pictures never get taken. We did get a few, but I never got one of Tatum and Jack dressed up on either Christmas day or Christmas eve. I didn't even get one of either of them on Christmas day all dressed up. I am pretty bummed about that and am really thinking of dressing them up just to get the
 shot, I probably won't though!

Christmas was a busy whirlwind of craziness!! On Christmas eve, I had tons of cleaning and baking to finish with Tatum and some grocery shopping to do to prepare for Christmas eve dinner. Josh was working and didn't get home until close to 2pm. In the mist of all this we had a visit from my Dad that we squeezed in!! Josh cooked dinner and it was delicious!! Jack was running around trying to eat all the goodies and snacks that were everywhere!! He snuck a lot of fudge....I didn't catch him everytime so who knows how much he ate! He is soooooo fast and busy!!

Christmas morning was just as overwhelming as Christmas eve. Too much going on and too many presents to unwrap. Tatum likes to unwrap everything then look at it later and Jack seemed to want to play with the toy after he opened it and didn't care about the other presents. Total craziness!! I don't know what next year will bring with three little ones!!

I ended up getting the night off from work, which was nice because I don't think Josh could have handled Jack by himself at his Aunts house. The very large Fast family gathering was at Josh's Aunts house, who doesn't have little ones and even though I brought toys, Jack just ran around the whole time. Of course we followed him all night, scared he make break or ruin something. It didn't start till 6pm, which I think was a little hard on the littler kids. I have to say after two very busy days of non-stop going I was glad to have a day to lounge around and do absolutely NOTHING!!!

Now as Jack gets older he is becoming very stubborn and very, very busy all the time. There is never a dull moment in my house! I am hoping (fingers crossed) that having two boys will be a great thing and they will love each other to pieces and play well together!! Josh was gone this past weekend and when he got home Jack was saying all kinds of things he wasn't before!! Josh was very surprised. The two best things were that he learned to say please regularly. Now he knew how to say it before, but just didn't even with prompting, then Tatum had a ball he wanted and she wouldn't give it up so I told him to say please and he chased her crying "pease, pease, pease!" So she finally gave it to him and he graciously states "Tank you". And now we have consistant "pease" and "tank you". The best thing he learned was " I wuv you daddy". Josh called to say he was almost home and I promted Jack to say this into the phone and he did!! Nothing better to come home to than your 21month old telling you he loves you!! I can't post a video on here of him saying it, but did put in on facebook if you want to hear it!!

Well I think this post is long enough. I will try and be a better parent and take more pictures. Try and enjoy what I have posted.....they aren't in a good order either....oh, welll! Until next time!

Jack playing with his new vaccum

Tatum unwrapping presents

Jack and Yaya before bedtime on Christmas eve, sporting his new pj's

Jack on Christmas eve....stealing snacks. I think that is all he did on Christmas and Christmas eve! :)

Tatum on Christmas eve....waiting for her guests to arrive

Tatum and her new pajamas

Jack and his new Elmo Christmas pajamas

Opening up their pajamas the Reindeer left them.

Tatum setting out carrots on Christmas eve, eve so that the Reindeer bring her and Jack new pajamas to wear on Christmas eve. It is the last tradition my mom made before she passed away.

Pretty Tatum girl getting Samson some fresh water!


Tatum's present that she made for everyo

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