Thursday, October 15, 2009

Boy oh Boy

I first want to tell you all never to work six 12 hour night shifts in seven days......complete madness. Especially since every single pregnant person decided to deliver in the last week and a half- no joke!! It has been so crazy, that most nights I don' even sit down until 4 or 5 am!! My last night on there were 15 deliveries and one was a twin delivery....that's 15 in 12 hours!!! The most I have seen since I have been there!!

As most of you know I had my ultrasound last week and we found out we are having another baby boy!! We couldn't' be more pleased!! Josh was pretty cute locating the dangle!! Proud Daddy!! I am really excited for Jack to have a little brother and can't wait until they play together and both get to follow big sissy Tatum around.

Back to my ultrasound experience. Everything was going fine and then toward the end she started asking us questions as to whether my provider had suggested a previa (placenta that implanted over the cervix) or if I had ever had any bleeding during this pregnancy. Now, I had worked the night before and only had about 2 hours of sleep in 26 hours and probably got a little more nervous than I would have on a clear head. I don't think I have shared with you all that early on in the pregnancy, about 8 weeks I was at work and about to get my pt up for recovery after her delivery and I felt a gush....

I politely excused my self making a lame excuse that I forgot some linen and ran straight to the bathroom. I had a small gush of fluid mixed with blood and had started to feel crampy in my lower abdomen. I of course know that bleeding and cramping is a very normal part of early pregnancy and happens to many women. But it had never happened to me and I was freaking out thinking I was loosing my little miracle. Thankfully my OB was on call that night and I woke him up at 4:30 am. He was really nice about it explaining how normal it is and how little my risk was of miscarriage. My answers were, yes, I know.....He then asks if I want him to check the baby. Yes, yes I would love that!! So he met me in his offices and one of the other nurses came with me to support me (just in case). He did an internal ultrasound and I saw my little peanut with a ticker that was going a mile a minute. I was relieved!! My OB told me that it looked as though there was an extra pouch that had implanted next to the placenta that had come off. He told me this was very normal and that it would have to come off at some point in the pregnancy. I had some light spotting the next day and nothing since.

I can't tell you how much I love my OB, honestly he would make the time for any of his Pt's at any time. Great Doctor. So back to my 18 week ultrasound. So this crazy lady is freaking me out and does an internal ultrasound to check my cervix and placenta placement again. Out of all three pregnancies this is the first time I have had and internal ultrasound done at the 18 week anatomy scan. I am thinking I have either a short cervix or low lying placenta or some kind of previa. When I ask her about my placenta all she will tell me is that it is posterior. Today I saw my OB for a regular appointment and asked all about my cervix and placenta. He looked the report up and told me that my placenta is perfectly fine not even low lying!! Yay!! Also my cervix is a little shorter than average, but really is just because I have had kids before!! Everything is perfect. Little guys heart rate was 140-150 and he was moving all around making it really hard for him to get a good reading!! This kid is sooooooo active!! My OB informed me that they do the internal ultrasound if they can't get a good look externally to double check placement and cervical length. I am really relieved that everything is perfectly normal. We are about half way there now, which is so hard to believe. Time flies by!!

Here are some pictures from Josh taking the kiddos to the zoo last Saturday so I could sleep the day away and a few of around the house and of the new growing baby boy!!